About B.E.

What is Broken Error?

Broken Error is a monthly radio broadcast on the austrian free radio station Radiofabrik in Salzburg. It’s a music program with content from all over the world and across all genres and professions, but with a special focus on the so called Glitch music. And there are also pieces about the history of experimental, electronic and electroacoustic music.

When can I hear Broken Error?

Every 4th Sunday/Month at 6 pm (Central European Time, UTC+01:00).
In Salzburg, Austria via Radiofabrik 107,5 MHz/ 97,3 MHz / 98,6 Mhz (Cable). There’s also a Livestream on www.radiofabrik.at and a Podcast under construction. For further informations send us a message to: kaverne2000@yahoo.de (Broken Error) or office@radiofabrik.at (Station).

What means Glitch music?

In the early 1990s some artists like Oval from Germany or Pansonic from Finland were experimenting with broken or hacked circuits, scratched records and sound failures – simply called „Glitches“ (former an astronautical slang) – to bring new aesthetics and dynamics in their music. They’re later mentioned as pioneers of the Glitch music, that gets often associated with a familiar genre in the electronic pop music, called IDM (Intelligent Dance Music, later also Independent Dance Music). At the same time, when the german label Mille Plateaux by Achim Szepanski starts its compilation series Clicks & Cuts this name became another definition, often mentioned in connection with Minimal, Techno, Ambient and Dub.

However, with the improvement of home computer systems in the late 1990s there were also further developments and new possibilities in the Glitch music. But their artists also uses techniques and ideas from the past of the experimental Music like Soundcollage, Turntablism or Circuit bending.

Who’s the man behind Broken Error?

Peter Wetzelsberger aka. Peter.W. aka. Wolfwetz, born 27. February 1983 in Salzburg, Austria, where he’s still living and working as free artist. Since 2000 he made different broadcasts at the austrian free radio station Radiofabrik. His Artarium (later taken over by his collegue Norbert K. Hund) won 2008 the Radio Schorsch-Award.

2011 he founded the Facebook-Group IDM | Glitch | Clicks & Cuts, where he’s almost daily posting videos and tracks about that and familiar genres. Since then many users and artists from all over the world join the group and help him filling it with content. Two years later Peter decided to use this huge collection and the possibility to promote gifted but still unknown artists, to start a new radioshow on the Radiofabrik. Broken Error was born…