Mahraganat. Ägyptische Parties – FNTOME Feb 2014

„I found a guy, playing the keyoard with his fists and firing clusters of tones. It had the energy of Punk & Rave.You could see people just going completely insane on the streets. And I thought ‚Wow, this is really cool!'“(Joost Heijthuijsen, Cairo Liberation Front)

„Crazy places –  its not even on the map – there is no administration, there is no police, there is nothing. The people just built their houses in the middle of the desert. In those neighborhoods I saw something incredible.“ (Hind Meddeb, director of „Electro Chaabi“)

Mahraganat = Autotune Wahnsinn aus ägyptischen Satellitenstädten.
Schon wieder so ein „Sound of the Revolution“? Mitnichten. Wie die Hochzeitsmusik der Unterschicht ihren Weg in die Nachtclubs der Oberschicht fand.

Wann & Wo?
Mo, 24.02.2014 – 20:00 Uhr – Radio Fro Linz
Di, 25.02.2014 – 21:00 Uhr – Radiofabrik Salzburg
Mi, 26.02.2014 – 08:00 Uhr – TIDE 96.0 Hamburg