Austrian Politicians, latin-american scientists and ambassadors speak about migration

In this english/german edition of Welcome to Salzburg we have several interesting interviews with the Austrian Minister of Women’s Affairs, Frau Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek, and Gabi Burgstaller, governor of Salzburg, who visited Radiofabrik this past Friday on their Intercultural Dialogue Tour and talked with us about women and migration here in Austria. In addition, we have two more interviews with Dr. Fatima Fereira, head of the Allergy Research Center in Salzburg, who shares with us her experience as a migrant from Brazil here in Austria; and last but not least, the Cuban Ambassador to Austria, Slovenia and Slovakia talks with us about her bilateral cultural work. These last two pieces were done at the first Cross-Cultural Women’s Conference that took place at the University of Salzburg, this past weekend. Hope you enjoy!