Willkommen in Salzburg (E) – After the Storm/Nach dem Sturm

Typhoon Haiyan, the most powerful storm recorded in recent history, swept through the Philippines two weeks ago, leaving death and massive devastation in its wake. Tonight’s program pays tribute to the countless Filipinos from the Visayas region who have lost their loved ones, homes and livelihoods, and who are now struggling to rebuild their lives from the ruins, with the help of their friends and neighbors from around the world. Our playlist features the recently released Songs for the Philippines, an all-star charity album whose proceeds will aid the typhoon victims.

Willkommen in Salzburg (E) – Celebrating Jubilees / Die Jubiläumsfeier

The word „jubilee“ is defined as a time or season for rejoicing. It is a special anniversary celebrated after something or someone has completed a certain number of years of existence or activity. For example, last year Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain celebrated her diamond jubilee, or the 60th year of her coronation. Or, at the Salzburg Festival last summer, the 200th anniversary of Giuseppe Verdi was celebrated through productions of his opera Don Carlo and Falstaff. On tonight’s program we will talk about other jubilees closer to home, one of them being the 15th anniversary of the Radiofabrik.

Willkommen in Salzburg: Speaking in Tongues – the European Day of Languages

On tonight’s program, in celebration of the European Day of Languages, we will talk about the origins of this celebration, take note of some fascinating facts about languages, and see the connection between migration and multilingual countries.

European Center for Modern Languages

Magistrat Salzburg

Willkommen in Salzburg: Doing Radio as an Intercultural Experience

This week the „Willkommen in Salzburg“ team talks with Colleen, Oyun and Hanh, who participated in our radio workshop last week. What is it like working in a multicultural, multilingual team of women who produce a weekly radio program? This workshop was our contribution to the three-day festival called Kultur Fenster organized by the Afro-Asiatisches Institut and AIESEC Salzburg.

Our playlist features the artists Chris Hadfield, David DiMuzio and Julian le Play.

Radiomachen als Interkulturelles Erlebnis

Diese Woche spricht das „Willkommen in Salzburg“-Team mit Colleen, Oyun und Hahn, die Teilnehmerinnen unser Radioworkshop letzte Woche. Dieser Workshop war unserer Beitrag an das drei-tägiges Fest Kultur Fenster, organisiert von der Afro-Asiatisches Institut und AIESEC Salzburg.

Auf unser Playlist heute haben wir die Künstler Chris Hadfield, David DiMuzio und Julian le Play.




On tonight’s program we will pay tribute to Michael Haneke and Christoph Waltz, take a look at their filmographies leading to the Oscars, and view their triumphs in the light of Austrian Cinema’s development in recent years. Plus, our interview section features Fr. Mag. Sofia Weissenegger of the Österreichisches Volksliedwerk, who tells us about the organization’s projects particularly „Inter_Folk“, which promotes dialogue and exchange between Austrian and other cultures through folk music. And, as a tribute to the 85th Academy Awards, our playlist tonight features some of the most memorable theme songs ever composed for film.


Österreichische Filminstitut Website: http://www.filminstitut.at

Österreichisches Volksliedwerk Website: http://www.volksliedwerk.at

Willkommen in Salzburg (E/D) – Football and the color of the sport/Fussball und die Farbe des Sports

We all know football is the world’s most popular and beloved sport, but it is also always hounded by racism issues that strike a discordant note to the „beautiful game“. Specifically, we will look at some incidents that marred some of the games in last summer’s European Football Championships, as well as the recent World Cup qualifying rounds, and focus on two prominent black players, namely Mario Balotelli of Italy/Manchester City and David Alaba of Austria/FC Bayern.

Interkulturelle Begegnungen: sowohl als auch/ Intercultural encounters: as well as

Interkulturelle Studien in Istanbul; Programme zurFörderung der Integration; Salzburg zu Fuß neu entdecken; ein Hirts Opernnacht. Plus: Paul McCartneys Hommage an die Songs von der Generation seiner Eltern. 

Intercultural Studies in Istanbul; programs promoting integration; Rediscovering Salzburg on foot, and a shepherd’s night  at the opera. Plus: Paul McCartney pays tribute to the songs of his parents’ generation.

Willkommen in Salzburg: Den Krebs bezwingen/Overcoming cancer

Kennen Sie jemand der an Krebs erkrankt ist? Ein Gespräch über Brustkrebs aus der Sicht einer Betroffene. Plus: Interview mit Martha Lepperdinger, Beratungsstellenleiterin der Krebshilfe Salzburg. Mit Ivana und Maria.

Do you know somebody who has gotten ill because of cancer? A conversation about breast cancer from a patient’s viewpoint. Plus: Interview with Martha Lepperdinger, head of the counselling center at the Krebshilfe Salzburg. With Ivana and Maria.