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Young-German-soldier_1918100 years ago Europe went to war, and millions of entrenched soldiers faced hunger, battles, wounds and death. Rhetorics call them heroes. History books mostly relate of numbers, generals, victories and defeats. But who were those men who spent the prime of their life amidst the horrors of war? With a handful of carefully selected documents, this project will try to look under the uniforms and show these soldiers for what they really were, withouth any ideological framing.

Stimmen aus den Schützengräben“ is a short radio show aired on several Austrian community radios. Each episode lasts about 10 minutes and features a small collection of interviews, letters, journal entries, poems, novel passages… A century later, these men will have the chance to let their long lost voices be heard again.

⇒ In October 2014 Stimmen aus den Schützengräben has received a nomination for the Radiopreis der Erwachsenenbildung. ⇐

in January 2015 Stimmen aus den Schützengräben has been awarded the Radiopreis der Erwachsenenbildung in the category „short programmes“. ⇐

Airing time:

Radiofabrik 107,5 & 97,3 Mhz – Salzburg: Juli 2, 2014 – January 1, 2015: every Wednesday at 19:06. Re runs on Thursday at 10:06 and Saturday at 8:06.
Radio FRO 105,0 Mhz – Linz: since September 1st: one episode is featured every Monday in FROzine (18:00).
Radio Orange94 – Vienna: since September 10th: every Wednesday at 10:00.
Radio Freequenns – Ennstal: some episodes are broadcasted on Saturday at 10:00, since September.
Episode #7 was featured in the show „Magazin“ by Coloradio – Dresden


Kontakt: m.coletta@radiofabrik.at
Link: http://www.radiofabrik.at/programm0/sendungenvona-z/stimmen-aus-den-schuetzengraeben.html

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