A2R-Hub: Programmers Workshop in Halle/Saale

The Programmers Markus Brandt (A) and Alexander Jentz (D) of Addicted2Random-Tool met in Halle from 2nd till 6th january 2013 to discuss different solutions for the A2R-tool-script. In terms of the interaction between A2R-Hub and Pure Data (PD) programmers scripted the internal FUDI protocol for data exchange between PD and A2R-Hub. The PD symbols were mapped to OSC-addresses by the Hub. During the process programmers specified parameters of the A2R-PD variable. E.g. the A2R-PD variable must have the name of the instance seperated by “_” from the name of the parameter. Further it can be prefixed with a number to specify instances of the same abstraction inside a patch, separated by a “-” from the name of the instance: beppo_vcf, or 1-beppo_vcf.

During the workshop programmers Markus Brandt (A) and Alexander Jentz (D) met radioartist Ralf Wendt in the studio of Radio CORAX. The radio-show can be found here.

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