A2R Artist Workshop in Halle: Acoustic Mapping of the variable ‘Coincidence’

German radioartists Verena Kuni, Knut Aufermann and Ralf Wendt met in Halle from 8th thill 12th may 2013 to discuss how computergenerated, coincidental sounds as produced by Pure Data based A2R-tool, can be transformed to concert and radio performances. The meeting took place in preparation of the artistic performances of A2R that will take place from 26th june till 14th july 2013 during the A2R-Festival in Halle/Saale.

Verena Kuni is profesor for Visual Culture at Goethe University Frankfurt. She is active as radio artist for Radio X and runs different radio-art projects. For more information see: www.visuelle-kultur.info, www.under-construction.cc and www.kuniver.se.

Knut Aufermann has been working as station manager of Resonance104.4fm in London. He studied audio engineering and in gained a Master degree in Sonic Arts from Middlesex University. Knut currently is active across Europe as a radio and installation artist, musician, curator and organizer. For more information see: http://knut.klingt.org

Ralf Wendt works as programme coordinatior and radio trainer at Radio CORAX in Halle. He is also active as radio artist and performer with the groups GURICHT and The Wolf in The Winter. For more information see: http://www.guricht.com and http://www.radioworks.de.

A2R Artist Workshop Halle IMG_3079-may

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