GUI programming …

.. is work in progress. Here are some impressions from our userface-programming workshop in Barcelona:

The arrow ball is intended to represent the main operation element and at the same time the logo of A2R. For example, the four arrows on above may represent the spectrum disassembled into bass, middle and height of the sound and thus a three-band equilzer (blue = bass, green = middle, red = high). with the size of the arrow, the appropriate frequency is controlled. the fourth may be responsible for the total volume. The two smaller in the opposite direction pointing to the balance of the individual sound.

The arrows also serve as a projection for various operating elements, like slide control, or switch to edit parameters or musical structures. Parameters that may be visualized by the arrow ball:





The 3d chladnik figure represents the spectrum of the sound by its significant overtones and gives the opportunity to manipulate these frequencies:

You can see the fft analysis in a frequency-time domain, the spectrum of the sound is possible to intervene. By soft selection of portions of the frequency- image, it will be a spectral filter: