A2R – 11 – Generative Kunst: Die Ausstellung “The Ways Things May Go”

Alberto de Campo, Sascha Hanse und Tobias Purfuerst von der Universität der Künste in Berlin im Gespräch mit Helen Hahmann von Radio CORAX über generative Kunst, computational arts und die Ausstellung “The Ways Things May Go”.

Mit Musik vom Live-Coding Ensemble Republic111, Tobias Purfürst und dem TrioBrachiale.


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A2R – 10 – KuratorInnen-Runde des A2R-Festivals in Halle 2013

Knut Aufermann (resonance.fm, London), Verena Kuni (Radio X, Frankfurt) und Ralf Wendt (Radio Corax, Halle) im Gespräch mit Helen Hahmann von Radio CORAX zum Zufall und zum bevorstehenden A2R-Festival im Juli 2013 im Händelhaus in Halle.


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A2R – 08 – Radiotopia

Zufall ist ein seltsames Wort, wenn es um kollektive Musik- oder auch Radioproduktion geht. An irgendeiner Stelle wird in der Regel ausgesucht, gefiltert oder fokussiert. Die Rahmenbedingungen so zu verändern, dass möglichst wenig Auswahlkriterien eine Rolle spielen und damit möglichst viele Varianten von Kombinationen angebotener Inhalte zu generieren, das war Ansatz der künstlerisch-emanzipatorischen Idee von Rupert Huber und Norbert Math in Wien. Radiotopia heißt das Internet-basierte Archiv, das die Transformation von Input zum Output der Nutzerin überlässt.
Wir stellen in der folgenden (Fast-)Stunde ein mögliches Output-Format vor, das sich der auf http://alien.mur.at/radiotopia/ befindlichen Materialien bedient. Ist das Zufall?


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A2R-Artist Workshop in Halle: Generative Art in a “traditional” musical environment

Alberto de Campo, Sascha Hanse und Tobias Purfürst from University of Arts, Berlin visited the exhibition of musical instruments of Händel-Haus Halle. Discussing the possibilities to implement objects of generative art into a “traditional” environment of musical heritage. To expose the discourse to the public, the class “Generative Art/Computational Art” of University of Arts Berlin will show their exhibition “The Ways Things May Go” from 28th june till 14 july 2013 in Händel-Haus Halle.


For more information and radio interview in german language see A2R Festival.

Second A2R residency and ws at Hangar: Theo Burt

Theo Burt is an artist working with perceptual relations and aesthetic application of sound basic technological composition, visual and light. Using automated systems He works with these materials in order to carry out experimental and intuitive processes and the result is the production of installations, live performances and fixed media pieces.

His residence in Hangar, which will take place between April 29 and May 30, 2013, is part of “Addicted2random”, the European research project focused on the connections between European musical past and contemporary trends of computer generated music.

Among his most compelling works include Bastard Structures 2, the system emerged as a result of this collaboration with Tim Wright (Germ, Tubejerk). This media provides a platform for exploration of optical and sonic effects, cognitive processes and limits of perception, where temporary structures, visual and sound interact with the geometry of the room and lead to disorienting exploration of the materiality of sound and of light.

Theo has worked primarily in galleries and spaces in the UK, but also in the international level has led projects in major European capitals and EEEUU. He also has worked previously in Barcelona for some exhibitions: Audiopantalla MACBA Colour Monochromes and Colour Projections produced for Sonar Cinema and supersymmetry.


For the workshop 1000 Years of Control Theo will provide an introduction to sound synthesis and the creation of autonomous and interactive music systems. The workshop will examine what happens when we return to the sounds of classic subtractive and FM synthesis but subsitute the common MIDI interface (which is structured around traditional Western notions of music) for an alternative system. While there will still be control over the basic parameters of synthesis, this new approach will change the way we create and structure the music and lead us towards new aesthetic outcomes. The workshop will combine the use of the open source software Pure Data with new software created specifically for this workshop.



A2R Artist Workshop in Halle: Acoustic Mapping of the variable ‘Coincidence’

German radioartists Verena Kuni, Knut Aufermann and Ralf Wendt met in Halle from 8th thill 12th may 2013 to discuss how computergenerated, coincidental sounds as produced by Pure Data based A2R-tool, can be transformed to concert and radio performances. The meeting took place in preparation of the artistic performances of A2R that will take place from 26th june till 14th july 2013 during the A2R-Festival in Halle/Saale.

Verena Kuni is profesor for Visual Culture at Goethe University Frankfurt. She is active as radio artist for Radio X and runs different radio-art projects. For more information see: www.visuelle-kultur.info, www.under-construction.cc and www.kuniver.se.

Knut Aufermann has been working as station manager of Resonance104.4fm in London. He studied audio engineering and in gained a Master degree in Sonic Arts from Middlesex University. Knut currently is active across Europe as a radio and installation artist, musician, curator and organizer. For more information see: http://knut.klingt.org

Ralf Wendt works as programme coordinatior and radio trainer at Radio CORAX in Halle. He is also active as radio artist and performer with the groups GURICHT and The Wolf in The Winter. For more information see: http://www.guricht.com and http://www.radioworks.de.

A2R Artist Workshop Halle IMG_3079-may