R.A.M.S „Tod dem Fernsehen“ (CDROM / Video, 1993 – 94)

R.A.M.S. CDROM / Video dealing with the fundamentals of the American Public-Access-Movement compared to Austria.

This quite ancient work (1994) was based on a research travel to the U.S., which Margarete Jahrmann and me did in 1993 participating an art project by Museum In Progress (Reise zu den Quellen).

In 1994 Max Moswitzer joined the team, and together we finalized a „music-techno-clip style“ Video and a CDROM.

Some of the video parts took weeks to render on machines of this time – it was a hot summer, we cooled our feet and same our computers – so this project is an example how to use public available technology to the edge.


R.A.M.S. ATTACK – Automatic Radio (ARS 1993)

Ein Radiostück mit mysteriösen „Sendestörungen“ (17. 6. 1993), by R.A.M.S.

Konzept und Planung: Alf Altendorf, Margarete Jahrmann und Thomas Madersbacher
Programmierung: Bernhard Loibner
Musikkonzept: Christoph Cargnelli, Peter Szely
Bau: Peter Sandbichler

R.A.M.S. Radio (Pirateradio 1992 – 1993)

Experimental Radio Art & Art Show, broadcasted on Viennese Pirate Radio for the label R.A.M.S. – 1992

(vlnr. R.A.M.S: Isa Rosenberger, Alf Altendorf, Margarete Jahrmann, Vienna – Roof Angewandte 1992)