CIVILMEDIA AWARDS 2015 – The Winners are


Category: TV / Entertainment & Arts:
„Nahsehen-Fernsehen“, Brigitte Vasicek, Karin Bruns, DORFTV
„Kultmagazin“, Ines Hickmann, Sara Wichelhaus, Katharina, FS1
(ex aequo)

Category: TV / Access & Empowerment:
„maiz TV“, Maia Benashvili, DORFTV

Category: Radio / Entertainment & Arts:
„Arbeit süss-sauer“, Berufsschule BS HFKL, ORANGE

Category: Radio / Access & Empowerment:
„Grrrls on Air – Female Pressure Radio“, Rosa Danner, Elisabeth Günther, ORANGE


Nominees CM15 Awards

Header_FormularCategory: TV / Entertainment & Arts
„Delete TV“, Michael Murnau, OKTO
„Architekturfestival Akku“, Andrea Seidling, OKTO
„Kultmagazin“, Ines Hickmann, Sara Wichelhaus, Katharina Maier, FS1
„Nahsehen-Fernsehen – TV TV TV“, Brigitte Vasicek, Karin Bruns, DORFTV

Category: TV / Access & Empowerment
„NA (JA) Genau“, Ernst Tradinik, OKTO
„Latino TV Austria“, Andres Pena, OKTO
„maiz TV“, Maia Benashvili, DORFTV
„Attac Aktionsakademie Steyr“, AktionsAkademie Attac Österreich, DORFTV

Category: Radio / Entertainment & Arts
„Bloomiade“, Shenja von Mannstein, ORANGE
„Fussball ohne Augenlicht“, Prmin Styrnol, Anja Krämer, Niliz Gül, ORANGE
„Arbeit süss-sauer“, Berufsschule BS HFKL, ORANGE
„Am Kehrricht pfeift der Rattenchor – Artarium“, Norbert K.Hund, Christopher Schmall, RADIOFABRIK
„Unique Radio 27.1.2015“, Sarah Emler, Kristina Huck, Stavros Hölbling, ORANGE
„Kulturton 20.3.2014“, Juliane Nagiller, FREIRAD

Category: Radio / Access & Empowerment
„Wörtlich“, Max Winter, ORANGE
„Entweder – Oder“, Elisabeth Rieser, Martha Schweissgut, RADIOFABRIK
„Reflections of an Economic Migrant“, Maria-Fe Ortner, RADIOFABRIK
„Grrrls on Air – Female Pressure Radio“, Rosa Danner, Elisabeth Günther, ORANGE
„Pangea Lingua“, Erika Preisel, FRS SALKAMMERGUT

Congratulations to all Nominees, it was a pleasure to watch or listen to your productions.

The winners will be announced in the CIVILMEDIA AWARD SHOW 2015 at the second Day of Civilmedia unconference on the 8th of May in Salzburg.

CM15 Award: 74 Einreichungen aus Österreich

Wir bedanken uns bei allen, die Sendungen zum Civilmedia Award eingereicht haben. Und vor allem auch bei unserer Jury, die im Lauf von zwei Wochen die Einreichungen sichten bzw. hören wird. Insgesamt wurden 74 Produktionen eingereicht, im Bereich TV sind es 18 österreichische Produktionen im Bereich „Arts & Entertainment“ und 9 Produktionen aus der Kategorie „Access & Empowerment“, die auf einen Preis hoffen. Außerdem wurden in Summe 47 österreichische Radioproduktionen eingereicht, 24 in der Kategorie „Arts & Entertainment“ und 23 in der Kategorie „Access & Empowerment“.

Das Civilmedia-Team drückt allen Award-TeilnehmerInnen gleichermaßen die Daumen und wünscht der Jury viel Vergnügen bei der Rezeption dieser Vielzahl an großartigen Produktionen!

CIVILMEDIA15: University of Brussels supports Civilmedia

Dear Friends & Partners of Civilmedia,

After announcing our necessary policy change concerning registration fees yesterday, we got a fast reaction from Nico Carpentier (Vrije Universiteit Brussel – Free University of Brussels).

I´m thankfully happy to announce today: „University of Brussels – Cyprus Community Media Research Programme“ is sponsoring Civilmedia instead of VFROE.
So we can roll back any registration fees, Civilmedia will happen financially free same as in the years before!

Holy shit, it´s great to have such great supporters, thanks to Nico, you made our day!
And thanks to some of you as well, who accepted contributions to the conference: This is a strong commitment for the goals of Community Media and especially for this event.

So again: CU you all in Salzburg in May
Alf Altendorf, in the name of the Civilmedia Team

Policy change: Registration Fee for participating Organizations

Dear Friends & Partners of Civilmedia,

Unluckily we had to change our policy for the Civilmedia registration. The (Un)Conference is not free anymore, we have to charge €200,- per participating organization.

Let us explain the reasons for our decision:

the event has expenditures of ~€ 8.000,- (tech, catering, rents for main venue etc.). This is cheap, and is only possible through not calculating most of the working hours of the organizers Radiofabrik /FS1 & the support of the University of Salzburg (free second venues). And – most important – for not paying YOU for YOUR work as a presenter, jury member and so on.

our fund raising brought in € 4.500,- so far from financial partners (RTR, Politische Bildung),  including other supports we raised ~€5.000,-. VFRÖ quitted this year cause of financial troubles, the country of Salzburg has not decided yet (and positive decisions are uncertain cause of financial problems as well btw.), so what to do?

– We tried to be creative. Charges, Ok, but…
1) we like to offer as much support as possible to reduce costs for participation (Example: Our Couchsurfing offer).
We think, that charging single, personal participants would be the wrong way to go. So we thought: a better way is to charge your organizations, who profit most in know-how, exchange, networking.

2) Compared to similar events, our fee is fair. Most conferences we know (and also visit) charge much more per participant. We only charge once per organization, the number of participants you send in is up to you.

Thanks for your understanding, see ya guys in Salzburg in May!
Alf Altendorf, in the name of the Civilmedia Team